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Community events in Pembrokeshire

Are you organising an event in Pembrokeshire?
We need details of date, location and time. Do include your website address if you have one.

See current community events

If you would like to see your event on the front page of Pembrokeshire Online
then email details to the  @

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Have you taken a photograph of our wonderful county?
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St Davids Community Message Board

Message Board
Catch up with St Davids local gossip.

Pembrokeshire clubs, societies and charities

We are able to offer limited support to local groups.

Request a link from our clubs section. If you have an existing web site, send us details including your web address. You can include an image and text if you wish or suggest some we can use from your website. This service is free, we appreciate reciprocal links.

Host with us - we can provide basic and medium hosting solutions for a limited number of groups. Apply by emailing us details of your requirements and how you plan to maintain your website and we will consider your request.

Groups we are currently supporting:

GM Free Cymru

Fishguard Folk Club

St Davids Rugby Club

Y Groesfan Church

If you would like to be part of Pembrokeshire Online or if you have any comments about this site please contact us


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